sábado, 11 de fevereiro de 2017


The GreenDatacenter project aims to offer the Community the same benefit as the Kuaray project: Sustainable processing capacity. Based on the same technologies developed for Kuaray, such as: Raspberry nodes Grid with Ubuntu, running microservices, powered by Solar energy, GreenDatacenter aims to be 100% Sustainable, without using "dirty" energy and without producing waste.
Thanks to our service curator technology provided by ServKeeper, GreenDatacenter will be able to run 24 x 7 in a 100% autonomous way, avoiding the need for people facilities (toilets and air conditioners) and the daily migration of workers.
It will be possible to host applications, based on microservices, in a fully automated way, without the need to configure IT infrastructure. GreenDatacenter services will be offered to NGOs focused on sustainability and improving people's quality of life, and will be supported by volunteers.

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